teen chat rooms, for teens looking for a good clean place to chat online.

Welcome to Easy the teen chat This is a fun place to meet new people over the web. We have many chat rooms and THOUSANDS of people across these rooms. The chat rooms here are java based and 100% free real time live chat! Pick your enter room below and have fun!

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This is our biggest Room. Lot of fun and lots of people to meet. This room is moderated.


This is another big teen room not moderated as much.

Teen chat 1

Very big room, usually 100+ chatters in here. very lightly moderated


This is a smaller room for people to chat it up with a smaller crowd.

Teen chat 2

This is basically like Teen chat 1 but with a little bit of a smaller crowd.


This is a smaller room for older teens. lightly moderated and a lot of regular users.